Your Guide to Buying the Best Rangehood for Your Kitchen

A kitchen is a place of creativity, so naturally, it can create some…unique smells. Good or bad, if a smell is lingering in your kitchen it’s also going to linger on your clothes, your furniture, and even your furry pets. But that’s not all that can clog the air as you cook. Oil, smoke and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can all cause respiratory issues and lower the general air quality of your home. That’s why you need proper ventilation and a Devanti Rangehood! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You want to know the best rangehood for your kitchen, and we want to empower your buying decisions, so we’ve put together this handy buying guide so you can make the right decision for your kitchen.

Why is ventilation important?

The air we breathe is not just pure oxygen. In fact, it’s a mixture of different gases (namely nitrogen and oxygen) as well as tiny particles called aerosols. These aerosols can be anything from dust and pollen to smoke, soot, mould spores, and other things that can make it difficult to breathe (thanks for the info NASA). If you have trouble breathing while cooking, are plagued by stinky smells, or find yourself cleaning nasty residue off your walls, your ventilation might not be up to the task.

Rangehoods are usually mounted over your stove and catch the hot air, steam and aerosols as they rise. The air is then run through a filter and either sent outside or recirculated through your home. This keeps your air clean and clear so you can breathe easily while cooking and enjoy improved air quality throughout the entire home.

A kitchen isn't complete without functional ventilation. Luckily you can find rangehoods that match your kitchen decor perfectly at Devanti.

What types of rangehoods are there?

There are a wide variety of rangehoods available depending on your kitchen layout, existing ventilation, and your cooking habits.


Fixed models are permanently mounted onto the wall above your stove. They are the most cost-effective and work hard to remove tough particulates, but are not as stylish as other rangehoods, especially if you would prefer yours to be hidden from view.

A Devanti 90cm Fixed Canopy Rangehood in stainless steel.


Slide-out rangehoods turn on and off as you slide them out and in. When you’re finished cooking, they just fold out of the way – great if you’re lacking the kitchen space. Unfortunately, they have a smaller collection area, so they are less efficient and will have to be cleaned more often. 

A Devanti 60cm Stainless Steel Slide Out Rangehood.


Instead of collecting air from up high, downdraft ventilation pulls in air from near or around your cooktop. They are sleek, discreet, and can be as effective as an overhead rangehood for ventilation, however, they don’t cover as much of the kitchen or provide as much additional lighting.

A stainless steel downdraft rangehood rising from a kitchen island.


A canopy rangehood descends from a flue and acts as a ‘canopy’ over your cooktop. They come in a wide variety of stylish models and are very efficient but will take up plenty of space. These can be wall-mounted or installed as an ‘island canopy’ that hangs above your kitchen island.

A Devanti 90cm Stainless Steel and Black Glass Canopy Rangehood
A Devanti 90cm Stainless Steel and Tempered Glass Canopy.


Wall-mounted rangehoods are fixed to the wall about your cooktop and are incredibly versatile with a wide range of functions. There are endless styles and shapes to fit your kitchen such as the above canopy style, the traditional pyramid chimney style, or even angled vents that stay out of the way while still performing their best.

A Devanti 60cm Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Rangehood.

A Devanti 90cm Black Wall Mounted Rangehood.

Finding the perfect size

You’ll need two important measurements for your rangehood – the width of your cooktop and the space above your cooktop. Generally speaking, your rangehood should be the same width as your cooktop or larger, and you should check the product specifications on your rangehood regarding how much space you need above the cooktop for maximum efficiency. You’ll also have to take into account the existing cabinetry and whether your cooktop can fit between them, or if you may have to do some renovations. 

The ideal size for a rangehood is one that is as wide or wider than your cook top.
A graphic showing the different types of rangehoods: wall-mount, built-in, island and ceiling.

What is the best extraction type for my kitchen?


Recirculated extraction pulls air through a filter and then sends it back into the kitchen refreshed and ready to go. These rangehoods are easy to install anywhere in the house (as they don’t require an outdoor vent) and are cheaper than ducted. However, they are less efficient, noisier, and may become more expensive over time from constantly replacing the filters. They also won’t protect as effectively against humidity, which may build up as the filter won’t remove as much moisture.


Ducted exhaust sends contaminated air from your kitchen to the outside in addition to filtering. If you love experimenting in the kitchen and experience heavy odours as a result, or you’re sensitive to smoke and steam, this option is right for you. Though they are more of a hassle to install, they are incredibly efficient, much less noisy, and perfect for heavy use. 

No matter which type of ventilation you use, you’ll also have to look at the extraction rate, which is measured by cubic metres per hour. The higher the extraction rate, the more air your rangehood will be able to process. You'll want to look for a high extraction rate if you cook a lot or have a large kitchen. If you have a small kitchen and do minimal cooking, you might want to look at other features over extraction rate.

What is the best filter for my kitchen?

All rangehoods have filters, but filter quality will vary depending on the materials used. The most common types are baffle, mesh, and charcoal.

Baffle filters

Baffle filters are made of equally spaced ‘baffles’ which rapidly change the direction air flows as it travels through your filter, allowing grease to condense on the inside and fresh air to leave.

Mesh filters

Mesh filters separate air and grease by passing them through precise openings. Some may be removable for easy cleaning, others might be replaceable. They can also be used in conjunction with charcoal filters.

Charcoal filters

Charcoal filters are made of carbon-based materials that filter out contaminants as well as deodorise the air. Some filters may advertise activated charcoal – this just means the substance has been treated to make it more porous, therefore more effective.

Two Devanti carbon charcoal filters for Devanti rangehoods.

You should replace your filters regularly to maintain your ideal air quality.

What controls should I have?

There are a range of controls you can have on your rangehood, but the key features you should be looking for are:

  • Are they easy to use?
  • Are they easy to understand?
  • Are they easy to reach?
  • Do they have automatic controls?

You should be able to use your rangehood effortlessly, so choose controls that you are comfortable with. Having automatic timers and shut-offs is also a plus for the busy chef. 

A rangehood with easy to use touch controls can hep you easily improve the air quality in your kitchen.

What is the best material?

There are a lot of different material types for rangehoods, the most popular being stainless steel and tempered glass. You can also find other materials like copper, zinc, bronze and wood. Copper, bronze and zinc have the added advantage of being anti-microbial, while wood is incredibly elegant, but the expenses will add up and there is a risk the smells will seep into the wood. Whatever you choose, you want a material that is easy to clean and maintain.

A simple stainless steel rangehood from Devanti is the perfect kitchen ventilation solution. 

The perfect rangehood for you

Devanti has a wide variety of rangehoods to suit your needs. With our stellar Australia-based customer service and excellent prices, you’ll be totally set for your new kitchen. Buy today and experience the joy of prompt shipping from our reliable courier partners. Getting the kitchen of your dreams has never been so easy when you can shop online with Devanti!

This black rangehood neatly matches the existing decor, making it easy to maintain your air quality in style.