Your Guide to Buying a Portable Washing Machine

If you’re out of space for a standard washing machine, you might want to consider a portable washing machine. That’s right – no longer are your only options the huge, heavy, incredibly bulky piece of equipment or the downstairs laundromat. You can have a portable machine that operates exactly like a regular model and can be stored away easily. Amazing!

If you’re looking for a portable washing machine, we have the perfect guide for you.

How does it work?


A portable laundry machine can help you do laundry on the go, wherever you are.

Portable washing machines work just like regular machines without a permanent water connection. Instead, you connect a hose from the machine to your kitchen or laundry tap, and another to a space where the wastewater can drain. They are so easy to install and maintain, the cost is minimal, and it fits neatly in any small space. The main drawbacks: portable machines are lower-performing, have less capacity, and most don’t come with a dryer option (though you can find washer-dryer combos too!).

If you’re looking to get your own portable washing machine, here are some things to look out for.

Type of machine

There are three types of portable washing machines that you can buy. Agitators help move the clothes around to beat out stains, but it’s not a gentle wash. Impeller machines are gentler but can be less efficient. Finally, you can get hand-cranked models that are human-powered: perfect for camping or travelling, but less effective than their electric cousins.

A Devanti 3kg Mini Portable Washing Machine, blue and black.

Single or twin tub

Portable washing machines also come in two styles, single or twin tub. Single tub varieties use the same drum to wash and spin clothes, while a twin tub uses one tub to wash clothes and the other to spin them. Twin tub units are larger but more effective during the spin cycle.

A Devanti 4.6kg Portable Washing Machine, white, single tub.
A Devanti 5kg Portable Washing Machine, white, twin tub.

Faucet adaptor

This is a fitting that allows you to connect your machine to your tap. You’ll need to make sure you have the correct adaptor for your tap type to connect the washing machine.


Sometimes you just need to do a heavy load of washing. Is your portable washing machine up to the task? Some models can go up to 5kg capacity…that’s roughly 25 shirts worth of laundry. Unfortunately, you can forget about washing your quilts, which will need at least 6-7kg capacity machines for just a single size quilt. If you are constantly cleaning heaver items, or doing laundry for multiple people at once, a regular washing machine may be a better fit. 

Spin speed

What spin cycle speeds are available? The higher the spin cycle your machine can achieve, the faster your clothes will dry, which will be important if you don’t have a dryer or live in a high-humidity location.


Have you been to a home with a noisy washing machine? The banging and the booming as the machine wobbles around, not to mention the beeping from the controls. Sensitive sleepers beware! If you are worried about household noise complaints, check out your desired washing machine’s decibel levels. Washing machines can run anywhere from 40 to 80 decibels. For context, 40dB is the level of a quiet home or light rain, while 80dB is the level of heavy traffic. If you buy a higher decibel model, you’ll want to place it far away from the bedroom and living room. 


Is the machine easy for you to clean? Is the filter easily accessible? Is the manual easy for you to follow? You should be cleaning your portable washing machine at least every six months, so make sure you choose a model you’re comfortable with cleaning regularly.

Additional features

Here are some other features you might want to consider for your new home appliance:

  • A see-through window to check washing progress.
  • A rust-resistant tub.
  • Easy-to-use controls with a clear display.
  • A variety of cycles including gentle, quick or eco.
  • Handles or wheels for ease of movement.
  • A child lock to prevent accidental openings.
  • Load sensing technology adjusts water and energy output depending on the size of the load.

To start your buying journey, Devanti has a range of portable washing machines from 3kg-5kg capacity, twin and single tubs, with simple knob controls, detachable filters and potable, lightweight designs. Check out our range and see the convenience for yourself.