Is a food dehydrator worth buying?

You might have all tried apple chips, dried peaches and pears, veggie mix in ready-to-eat meals and other dehydrated food items, but there’s a good chance that you don’t understand how a juicy fruit became so chewy and dehydrated. It’s the magic of a dehydrator. 

Dehydration is a centuries-old food preservation method. Our ancestors used to rely on the sun for drying food. This technique removes moisture from food, which extends its shelf life and preserves its freshness and nutritional value. 

Continue reading to learn more about food dehydrators and what makes them a worthy purchase. 

How does a food dehydrator work?

A food dehydrator removes moisture content from food by circulating hot air at a low temperature. While the food is dehydrated, it retains essential fatty acids, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, and most vitamins. You can also enjoy the concentrated flavours and multiple health benefits that the food dehydration process offers. 

For food dehydration, cut the food items into thinner, even pieces and arrange them without overlapping. Make sure they don’t touch each other so that they can dry evenly. Adjust the temperature, considering the type of food items you wish to dehydrate and their water content. You can dehydrate veggies and herbs at a lower temperature to prevent overdrying or discolouration. Juicy fruits, including mangoes, oranges, peaches and apples, require a higher temperature to dry quickly without becoming crisp. 

Is food dehydration safe?

Dehydrated foods are a healthier alternative to unhealthy crisp chips. You can dehydrate a wide range of fruits, veggies, meat, and herbs and use them in smoothies, oatmeal, salads, and baked products. When you use them in liquids, they will rehydrate. 

Dehydrated food items are safe to consume as all the moisture from the food is lost, preserving only the solids and nutrition. By removing the moisture content from the food, the chances of bacterial growth are reduced. For the safest and best results, you must ensure that the food dehydrator is reliable and highly efficient and offers powerful performance. 

Benefits of dehydrating food at home

Let’s explore some of the incredible benefits of using food dehydrators below. 

100% natural and healthy food

Food dehydration retains the minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients present in food. Other food preservation and cooking methods aren’t as effective as food dehydration because the nutritional value is lost. Additionally, dehydrated food items are 100% natural and healthy without preservatives. 

Reduces food wastage 

Food wastage is a serious problem. In 2020, food waste in Australia was valued at around 10.3 billion, with the largest share of 34 percent among Australian households, out of which 33 percent was fresh food. Sometimes, we purchase extra food items, and when not used, it ultimately goes to the trash. With a food dehydrator, never waste your food again. Dehydrate the leftover fruits and veggies. It not only reduces food wastage but also extends its shelf life. 

Versatile and flexible use

A food dehydrator is a versatile and flexible electrical appliance. You can dehydrate almost anything, from meat, fruits, and veggies to herbs. Simply adjust the temperature settings depending on the kind of food you are putting on to dehydrate. It’s easy peasy to make organic chips, dried fruits, even healthy pet treats, without preservatives.

Low possibility of contamination

Because of the dehydration process, the risk of contamination and foodborne diseases is reduced significantly. Mould, bacteria, and yeast need water to form and grow, and the dehydration process removes the moisture content from the food. This makes it safe to consume. 

Tastes great with no added flavours

Removing moisture from the food naturally creates a concentrated, rich, and delicious flavour that is hard to resist. Unlike pre-packed, processed food items, dehydrated food contains only one food ingredient. No other artificial flavours are added, making it super healthy to consume. No need to worry, snack guilt-free!

Saves you money

Purchasing organic dehydrated food items from the store could be expensive. So why not invest in a food dehydrator? You could make your own crisps and snacks to gorge on. A pro tip would be to purchase the fresh food items in bulk when they are in season and dehydrate them to prevent overpaying for the food when not in season. 

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