7 Fun Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained With a Video Projector

Want to enjoy big screen entertainment at home? Bring home a portable video projector. Not only do these mini devices offer exceptional value for your money with their functional design and quality, but they also provide one of the best viewing experiences. And thanks to upgrades that have made mini projectors even smarter, the possibilities are endless.

While most people use video projectors for watching movies or PowerPoint presentations, you can also use them in so many other ways due to their compatibility with other devices. 

Here are a few creative ways to use your video projectors for premium entertainment. 

Play video games 

Gaming on a video projector can be a thrilling experience. You may feel like you’re in the middle of the action as images are clear and bright, and all the details are sharp. Also, the larger projection makes it easier on your eyes and doesn't strain your body, enabling you to have long gaming sessions with your buddies. 

Paint a mural

Love painting? Show off your skills by painting a mural on the wall with the help of a video projector. It's a great way artists can put a video projector to use for decorating walls with beautiful, accurate pictures. You'll need to project the desired image on the wall/canvas and paint by tracing the image. You can also keep your kids entertained by doing mural painting with them.     

Creative storytelling

Use a video projector for bedtime storytelling. Kids enjoy storytime, and video projection will make stories more interactive and enrich their sensory learning experiences. You can find hundreds of storybooks suitable for desktops, tablets, and mobiles that you can project on the wall/canvas to take storytelling to a new level. 

Sleep better with ceiling projection

Have trouble sleeping? Try using a mini portable video projector to display calming videos and scenes. Watching nature scenery videos, rainy day scenes, or ocean waves help to fall asleep faster. It instantly calms down your senses and relaxes your body and mind, which promotes better sleep. Set up your video projector to the ground, projecting on the ceiling for the best viewing experience while you wrap yourself in bed. 

Binge-watch shows on a big screen.

There’s nothing like binge-watching favourite shows/movies on a big screen. It can make any time of the week special. Video projectors have several connection ports, which lets you connect and watch shows easily. You can watch shows and movies streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, and other channels. Organise a movie night with your friends or family for unlimited fun.  

Follow-along fitness videos

Who said you can’t have your yoga classes from the comfort of your home, with your yoga instructor right in front of you? Project your live training on a big screen. This way, you can watch and even follow your yoga instructors. Practising yoga with video projection will make you feel as if you're physically present for the class, making the session even more exciting and interactive. 

Organise planetarium displays

Do your kids love watching stars, galaxies, and celestial bodies? Then, they will love these mini portable video projectors. With the help of apps, such as Stellarium and Celestia, you can project actual images of the sky, stars, and planets on your wall or ceiling. It’s like looking right through your telescope. This will help your child gain a better understanding of this subject area. 

Loved the ideas? If these ideas have inspired you enough, it’s time you get a portable video projector. 

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